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Ask the Judge - July/Aug/Sept 2007

Some people feel type is just about size and larger rabbits have a better chance on winning over the smaller ones.  As a breeder, could you give your thoughts on this issue?
From Jan Coffelt:
Type is the first thing most judges see. I look at it as the structure of the rabbit.  Each breed has its own unique look. Those rabbits who come closest to their standard display excellent type. Whether they are large animals or small, type has nothing to do with size. When that judge goes down that table during the judging of best in show he/she is looking at each rabbit and comparing it to its own breed standard.  The one that comes nearest to its standard must win no matter what size it is
I have heard exhibitors say things like "no matter what is on the table the big white rabbit will win."  Well folks, if you live in an area with some hot commercial breeds, chances are you could be right.  I have also heard the opposite said when we are in an area of top four class breeds (Dwarf, Mini Rex Holland, Dutch) that the large rabbits don't ever get picked.  Remember, the judge can only pick one rabbit....and it is a tough job.  I truly believe that most judges pick the best rabbit on the table no matter what the size.
From Kevin Hooper:
Type is so much more than just size!  A Dutch could have great type at 3 1/2 pounds or 5 1/2.  It may not be the ideal size at those weights, but the type could still be fantastic!
Many think type only means body type or shape.  A rabbit can have good breed type, but not have a good body.
Type means character, or all of the characteristics that make a good Dutch, a good Dutch.  Head shape, thickness of ear, body length (must be cobby), bone, thickness of hide, width of muzzle, and width of feet, just to name a few.  Now, in the standard, most of these are not listed.  Under General type, you will find the descriptions of body shape, feet and legs, head, ear, length of neck, shoulder, midsection and hindquarter.  Most of those items I mentioned are found in this section, but may not be listed specifically. 
In summary, type is basically ideal breed characteristics.

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