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Ask the Judge - April/May/June 2009

What is the proper way to determine if a rabbit has a tied elbow?

From Kevin Hooper:

Determining if a Dutch has a tied elbow is quite easy, providing that the Dutch has a typical tie?  For most Dutch, the easiest way is to turn the rabbit over while maintaining its’ posed position, then place your thumb on the elbow.  Is the color touching the elbow joint?  If so, it is tied.
Now, there are some which look tied while moving in the pen, yet when you turn them over, they do not appear tied.  They then get the benefit of the doubt. Others may have a drag running up the inside or outside of the leg, not touching the elbow, again, benefit of the doubt to the rabbit.
Lastly, as a judge, you have another option. Let’s say a Dutch has a big drag running up between his front legs, yet it does not touch the elbows?  What do you do?  In this case, unworthy of award comes into play.  This is not to say the rabbit is disqualified, but that the fault is so severe that it should not get first in a class of one.

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