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Ask the Judge - Jan/Feb/March 2009

At the 2008 ARBA Convention, one of the judges commented on the ears of every rabbit. He discussed length, whether they had thin or well furred ears, and if the ears had good or poor carriage. Could you please define what is good and poor ear carriage?

From Kevin Hooper:
Good or poor ear carriage.  In simplistic terms, good ear carriage matches what is called for in the standard, while poor ear carriage does not match! Ears should be carried upright, not leaning back, nor out to the sides while the rabbit is posing (note I did not say being posed – but that is another issue.)  Ears that lean back usually do not have the substance.
Preferably, they should even touch each other when posing.
The ears should also be straight – having no bends in the ears.  You might see the bend about half way up the ear. 
Ears with good substance and straight may be carried in a “V” when the rabbit is active.  I really prefer this look.

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