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Ask the Judge - Oct/Nov/Dec 2009

I have seen a wide variety of eye color in blues and chocolates, what do you consider too light?

From Kevin Hooper:

I consider anything too light if it is very noticeable.  In chocs, any eye that appears khaki is too light. Not only should these be DQ’ed, but they should be culled out by the breeders.  If we, as judges, do not DQ, or severely fault them for this, then those who have these light eyes will have success and will raise more, thus perpetuating the problem.  Our standard calls for a DARK Brown eye.  Ever wonder why they wrote the early Dutch Standard requiring a dark brown eye, instead of just brown? Maybe they knew something back then that we don’t.  I suggest culling early and often!
As for the blue, our standard culls for a blue-gray eye.  Thus anything that is bright blue is very noticeable and should be DQ’ed.  These eyes are often referred to a “China Blue” eyes.

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