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Herd Size

by Kevin Hooper

On the return trip from the National Dutch Show, Rick Billups and I were talking of a conversation that he had while at the show. A breeder had asked him how many does he had. The breeder thought that he must have had 60 or more does!
I told Rick he could use my numbers in his article. Most may think that I have a large number of Dutch. I usually am keeping about 70-75 Dutch. That may still sound like a bunch, until you break it down. I have all six colors, plus one (blue-steel).
I have anywhere from one to four bucks per color for a total of 11 senior bucks, and 2 junior bucks that I'm keeping. I have a total of 36 senior does, or just over an average of 5 does per color. I do have 12 junior does that I'm planning to keep.
That breaks down to 61 Dutch, or about 9 per variety. Those numbers will go up towards the fall as this is the time of year I seem to get a bunch that I like. As those numbers go up, I will decide to move a few seniors out, keep a few juniors, and sell the rest.
I does not take a lot of Dutch to produce good ones, just a good eye, some good stock, and some does who will raise babies!

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