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Tricks of the Trade

by Doreen Bengtson

OK, so you've got babies in the boxes. They have opened their eyes and are starting to investigate their ever expanding world. It is really cold on the wire after they have been living in a nice warm box all their lives. They begin to look for a warm place to spend their time. Sitting on their littermates works, but only the bunny on top stays warm and it is hard to always be the one on top. Sitting on the doe will help them stay warm for awhile. The next best place is the feed crock. What happens to the feed? You are right, it gets contaminated and you get to throw it out. Now, I don't know what you are paying for feed, but it is not inexpensive.
I have a solution to the sitting in the feed crock problem. It is very easy and very cheap. You will need an empty 6 oz tuna fish can. Remove the cover and wash the can. Cut a square of wood about 6" by 6". You can use pine or 1/2" plywood, just make sure it has a little weight to it so that it is not easily thrown around the cage. Punch a hole in the bottom of the tuna can, attach it to the center of the wood with a screw and you now have a creep feeder for your babies that they cannot sit in and contaminate. They usually enjoy the warmth of sitting on the wood, it provides them something to gnaw on and you can throw it away when it gets gunky. Our kids spent hours and hours creating creep feeders around here. Some of them last for one use and some of them seem to last forever. But eventually they are ready for the trash and it is time for another tuna salad sandwich and a chunk of scrap wood.

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