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How You Enter Your Rabbits Affects Your Sweepstakes

Did you know that entering your rabbits differently at shows will affect your sweepstakes standings? For instance, we have a husband and wife, Dennis and Barb, most of the time they enter shows as Dennis and Barb together but they happened to enter at several shows as Dennis individually and Barb individually. They do this because they needed another exhibitor to get legs on their rabbits. By doing this they have now created 2 new exhibitors in the sweepstakes standings. They will receive credit for the year as Dennis and Barb together and also as Dennis individually and Barb individually. This could cost them the points they need for first place. This is why sometimes you may wonder why you don't get credit for the correct number of shows that you entered. Sweepstakes is calculated and credited to the exhibitor name entered.
Another example is children from the same family. By entering their rabbits together they will place higher in the sweepstakes standings than if they enter all separately. Cody and Dan each take care of certain rabbits at home and also show those particular rabbits. Cody enters his own rabbits and Dan enters his own rabbits. They may end up 4th and 6th in the standings but if they would have entered their rabbits together as Cody and Dan they would have ended up 2nd in the standings. Yes, they will earn fewer legs for their rabbits if they show at shows where there are not enough exhibitors but what is more important, legs or sweepstakes?
If you have a husband and wife membership or a family membership, please contact me and let me know how you will be entering your rabbits so that proper sweepstakes credit is given to you. Occasionally, show secretaries do take the easy route and just list the husband and not the wife. When you get your show results back, check and make sure that your exhibitor name is listed correctly. If it is not, please contact the sweepstakes chairperson and let them know that the show secretary made a mistake.

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