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The DO's & DON'T's of Showing

taken from the Bunny Hutch News (newsletter of the Long Island RBA, NY

The DO's of Showing

  1. Check the weather the night before the show so that you'll know whether or not to bring anything extra for the rabbits, yourself, or your car.
  2. Bring a copy of the entry form. If there's a mistake in the pre-entry show, you can straighten it out more easily if you have the entry form. For entries on the day of the show, bring a list of the rabbits you're going to show and the ear number of each so that you can fill out the forms faster.
  3. Get to the show in plenty of time before it starts so that you aren't rushed. Your rabbits can feel your tension and will react, IMO.
  4. Bring some kind of treat for your rabbits to munch on. Even though most people won't become distressed at the new surroundings, your rabbits might. They'd probably enjoy a hay cube, some grass hay, or a slice of apple or carrot, and it would help reduce their stress. Be sure to bring something for them to drink from, too.
  5. Try to get a good night's sleep. Rest can be the difference between having a good show day for yourself and a day that you can barely squint through. No sense in putting you or your animals at risk from a bad night's sleep. If you have to, take a cat nap after your breeds are judged so that you can drive home safely.
  6. Bring an extra empty carrier for that unexpected purchase. It's better to bring an extra empty hole than to try to squeeze two rabbits in one hole. Think safety.
  7. Have a first-aid kit and your grooming kit. It's better to have the kits on hand and not use them, than to have an emergency pop up and be lost without them.
  8. Above all, remember that it's not what you win but how you win it. Please be a gracious winner and a gracious loser. We all win and lose from one show to the next. Nobody's perfect.

The DON'T's of Showing

  1. Don't get mad and start bad-mouthing the judge just because you didn't win. Remember, he/she is just a person who's giving an opinion of your animal on that given day.
  2. Don't bad-mouth a rabbit that the judge is judging. In other words, don't point out something that you see and the judge doesn't Most people would look at this as trying to sway the judge's opinion or as cheating. Remember, you're not the one that holds the judging license.
  3. Don't forget your tattoo kit for those tattoos that always seem to disappear at the wrong time.
  4. Don't let the judge know which animal is yours. For instance, don't say to the judge, "Remember when you gave this doe a BOB (Best of Breed) when she was only four months old? Look at her now." If you do this, you could have your entire entry DQ'ed (disqualified) from the show. I know that this sounds crazy, but I've seen it happen more than once.
  5. Don't fake your rabbit. This simply means do not alter the appearance of your rabbit by plucking stray white hairs, putting anything on the toenails to make them match or to make darker, etc. If you're caught, it means the disqualification of your entire entry at the show.
  6. Don't blame anyone if you miss the judging for your class of rabbits. You need to pay attention to when and where the judging is for your breed. Listen to announcements of breeds being called. If you can't hear, go and ask repeatedly what breed is up. Remember, missing your class is a bummer, but it's not the end of the world.
  7. Don't be a poor sport. Winning at all costs isn't a desirable trait when it comes to show people.
  8. Above all, don't bring an animal to the show that's sick. It isn't fair to the other owners or their rabbits. You'd be pretty upset if someone caused your healthy rabbits to get sick or if you lost one due to the illness.

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