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2009 National Dutch Show - Youth Activities

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Waiting for showmanship
Waiting for showmanship.
Cory Patton doing showmanship.
showmanship waiting for showmanship
Rabbit judging



9 & under
16 - up 
1. Cass Wolff
1. Eleanor Cumming
1. Bethany Brown
1. Cory Patton
2. Eli Myers
2. Molly Paul
2. Hannah Nelson
2. Allison Krick



9 & under
16 - up 
1. Garbriella Leone
1. Jessica Showalter
1. Drew Patton
1. Natalie Hines
2. Katherine Leverich
2. Issac Wilson
2. Lauren Dean
2. Nathan Graybeal

Youth Royalty Contest

Youth Royalty Candidates
Youth royalty candidates

Lord & Lady
Lord -
Eli Myers
Lady -
Katherine Leverich
1st Runner Up -
Melissa Myers

Prince & Princess
Prince -
Quinn Evans
Princess -
Eleanor Cumming
1st Runner Up -
Erica Haas
2nd Runner Up -
Anna Paul
3rd Runner Up -
Zoe Patton

Duchess -
Bethany Brown
1st Runner Up -
Maddy Paul
2nd Runner Up -
Lauren Dean
3rd Runner Up -
Hannah Nelson

King & Queen
King -
Cory Patton
1st Runner Up -
Nathan Graybeal
Queen -
Allison Krick

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