2010 ARBA Convention Pictures
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texting Casanova

Wes, you can really text?

"Come avay wis me, sweeet pea,
and I vill show you ze world!"

texting whisperer

Of course Briony can text.

Rabbit Whisperer

puffed cheeks claws

Would't you like to know what they are talking about?

"The Claw will get you...."

pick mine bug eyes

"Pick mine.........."

Can you really hear what is being said in
each ear?

amigas rapt attention

Las Cinco Amigas

Scott, have you ever had this much rapt attention
in one of your lectures?

joe feed me

Joe, did you REALLY break your
foot falling in a hole at the bar?
And you were on duty?

"Why does HE get all the hay?"

sleeping cave

Another exciting day at the rabbit show!

"You are such a shy bunny, let me fix your cave up."

Looking mute

"Do you want to come home with me?"

Stricken by the Mute Fairy.

aaron martin the end

Excitement too difficult to contain.

The End

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