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welcome sign


Welcome sign in front of the Convention Center.

Banner at the entrance of the show room.
The year 1960 is the year the ADRC was
officially incorporated with the ARBA, according
to the ARBA office.

convention center convention center

The Convention Center.

Walkway to the Convention Center from
the Milliunium Hotel.

settling rabbits


Al Gerhart settling his rabbits.

Julie & Kristy Hume settling rabbits (no it
doesn't usually take two people to do this,
but Kristy kindly allows Julie to "help").



Sue & Pen Peters arriving with rabbits.

Rita Stelzer grooming.

booth baby

The Dutch Club booth was a popular
place to hang out.along with doing a bit
of shopping.

Emily Wenner.



Mama Theresa and Samantha.

Floor hologram in the Millennium Hotel lobby.

blue winners

pictures for the guidebook

Aaron Martin's winning trio of Blues.

Kristy Hume and Kelli Slack taking pictures
for the new Guidebook.

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