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Thank you, Steve Wilch and Rick Lehmann for the pictures!
welcome lobby
Lobby of the host hotel, Holiday Inn at the Roberts Centre.
Sue Hill at meeting
President Sue Hill running the membership meeting
Julie Billups
Julie Billups, Open Secretary
Scholarship raffle
Debbie & Trevor Marquis selling raffle tickets
for a GPS to benefit the Youth Scholarship.
rabble table
Terri Bickelhaupt selling raffle tickets to
Julie Hume & Kai Seymore.
Raffle Table
Alexa Demland and ? check out the
great selection at the raffle table.
tickets for the raffle
Taylor Mills at the raffle table.
raffle quilt
Terri & Kati Bickelhaupt with
the raffle quilt in the background.
boothBeth Oelker & Todd Uran at the ADRC booth.
drawing for the raffle
Suzanne Wilch and Rachael Billups
drawing the winners for the raffle.
raffle winner
Rick Lehman, a happy winner of raffle items.
history table
Val Slack at the table with memorabilia about ADRC.
raffle rabbits
Delaney & Theresa Schwandt checking out the raffle rabbits.
Thank you to all the writers!
Becky Canfield & Bethany Brown
Vikki Spellmire & Hilary Przbylowicz-Hoak
Val Slack, Dan Schwandt, &Melody Stremkowski
John Graybeal, Jim Smith & Austin Smith
Becky Canfield & Bethany Brown
Vicki Bogan, Al Gerhart, & Carol Vasko
Danny Long, Barb Kline, Sara Lape, & David Kilander
nds pa
2012 National Dutch Show in Pennsylvania here we come!
secretarys table
Julie Billups, Sandy Wilch, and Suzanne Wilch
working at the secretary's table.
Pictures at the banquet.
Contestants for the Royalty Contest.
Todd Uran hosting the banquet.
kevin bogan
Thank you, Kevin Bogan, for bringing
supplies to sell.

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