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2010 National Dutch Show
Youth Winner Pictures

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Special thanks to our Judges!
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youth bob youth bos
Youth Best of Breed
Best Overall Junior
Erica Haas with a Black Jr Doe #LAS
Decatur, IL
Youth Best Opposite Sex
Best Overall Senior
Elizabeth Wiltshire with a Blue Sr Buck # WDM10
Warrington, PA
Overall Winners
Overall Winners
Elizabeth Wiltshire with BOS & Best Overall Senior.
Erica Haas with BOB, Best Overall Junior, & Best Overall Display.
Missing from picture: Emily Wenner with Best Overall Fur.
Black winners
Black Variety Winners
Elizabeth Wiltshire with BOSV, Best Sr, Best Sr Doe, & Best Jr Buck
Emily Wenner with Best Black Fur.
Erica Haas with BOV, Best Black Display, Best Jr, Best Jr Doe
Missing from Picture: Taylor Mills with Best Sr Buck.

blue winners
Blue Variety Winners
Marissa Wells with BOSV, Best Sr Doe, & Best Blue Fur.
Elizabeth Wiltshire with BOV, Best Sr, & Best Sr Buck.
Erica Haas with Best Blue Display, Best Jr, & Best Jr Buck.
Nate Graybeal with Best Jr Doe.
Chocolate winners
Chocolate Variety Winners
Michelle Meijer with Best Jr & Best Jr Doe
Eleanor Cumming with Best Chocolate Fur
Jacalynn Gunz with Best Jr Buck
Morgan Doak with BOV, BOSV, Best Chocolate Display, Best Sr, Best Sr Buck & Best Sr Doe
Tort winners
Tortoise Variety Winners
Erica Haas with BOV, Best Tortoise Display, Best Sr, & Best Sr Doe.
Blaine Mills with BOSV & Best Sr Buck.
Marissa Wells with Best Jr & Best Jr Doe.
Peyton & Quinn Evans with Best Tortoise Fur.
Missing from picture: Eleanor Cumming with Best Jr Buck.
Steel winners
Steel Variety Winners
Nate Graybeal with BOSV & Best Jr Buck
Cole Simmons with BOV, Best Jr, Best Jr Doe, & Best Sr Buck
Quinn Evans with Best Steel Display, Best Sr, Best Sr Doe, & Best Steel Fur.

Gray Winners
Gray Variety Winners
Megan & Adam McGinnis with BOSV, Best Display, Best Gray Sr Doe, & Best Gray Jr Doe.
Marissa Wells with BOV, Best Sr, Best Jr, Best Sr Buck, & Best Jr Buck.
Joe Metheney with Best Gray Fur.

Judging Best Of Breed

judging bob judging bob
judging bob Judge's board
Judges final tally

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