2012 ARBA Convention Pictures
Youth Winners

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youth bob youth bos

Best of Breed
Black Junior Doe - #MT25
Taylor Mills

Best Opposite Sex of Breed
Tortoise Senior Buck - #SMOKEY
Taylor Mills

Youth black awards youth blue awards

Black Variety Winners
Hunter & Colby Seymore with Best Black Sr Buck
Taylor Mills with Best Black Sr Doe, Best Black Jr Doe,
Best Black Sr, Best Black Jr, BOV, Best Black Fur
Not Pictured: Erica & Brianna Haas
with Best Black Jr Buck, BOSV, Best Black Display

Blue Variety Winners
Bethany Brown with Best Blue Fur
Colby & Hunter Seymore with Best Blue Sr Buck,
Best Blue Sr, BOV
Not Pictured:
Alexa Demland Best Blue Sr Doe
Erica & Brianna Haas with Best Blue Jr Buck,
Best Blue Jr, Best Blue Display
Dustin Pruett with Best Blue Jr Doe, BOSV

youth chocolate awards youth tort awards

Chocolate Variety Winners
Alexus Grecoe with Best Chocolate Sr Doe,
Best Chocolate Jr Buck, Best Chocolate Sr, BOV
Not Pictured:
Calvin Duther with Best Chocolate Sr Buck, BOSV
Erica & Brianna Haas with Best Chocolate Jr Doe,
Best Chocolate Jr, Best Chocolate Display
Autumn Denniston with Best Chocolate Fur

Tortoise Variety Winners
Taylor Mills with Best Tortoise Sr Buck,
Best Tortoise Sr Doe, Best Tortoise Jr Buck,
Best Tortoise Jr Doe, Best Tortoise Sr (Buck),
Best Tortoise Jr (Buck), BOV, BOSV,
Best Tortoise Fur, Best Tortoise Display

  youth gray awards

Steel Variety Winners
Not Pictured:
Juliana Artrip with Best Steel Sr Buck, Best Steel Sr, BOV
Alexa Demland with Best Steel Sr Doe,
Best Steel Jr Doe, Best Steel Jr, BOV, Best Steel Fur, Best Steel Display
Erica & Brianna Haas with Best Steel Jr, BOSV

Gray Variety Winners
Alexus Grecoe with Best Gray Fur
Colby & Hunter Seymour with Best Gray Sr Buck,
Best Gray Sr Doe, Best Gray Jr Buck,
Best Gray Sr (Doe), Best Gray Jr, BOV, Best Gray Display
Not Pictured: Alexa Demland with Best Gray Jr Doe, BOSV

youth overall awards

Overall Winners
Taylor Mills with BOB, BOS, Best Overall Sr, Best Overall Jr, Best Overall Fur
Not Pictured: Erica & Brianna Haas with Best Overall Display

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