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2013 National Dutch Show
Friday Night Activities & Fun Classes

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board of directors
The board of directors meeting.
President Sue Hill conducting the membership meeting.
Members attending the meeting.
Rick was even wearing pants at the meeting!

The Michigan Dutch Rabbit Club hosted a meal for exhibitors and their families Friday night featuring Michigan products:

  • Koegel hot dogs
  • Better Made Potato Chips
  • Faygo Pop
  • Ice Cream
herb six
Herb Six supervised the food table.

Fun Classes

Vincent Consiglio
Vincent Consigilio judged "Best Dutch Head" contest.

Winner of the "Best Dutch Head:
was Harold Smith II with a Tort #HSD69




Winner of the class was based on all points associated with the head, including markings and general type.

Battle of the Sexes

This class was in two divisions, male versus female exhibitors. Male exhibitors could only enter bucks and the class was judged by Dan Schwandt. Female exhibitors could only enter does and the class was judged by Kristy Hume. The winner of each division then faced off to see which was the better rabbit (if Kristy and Dan could come to an agreement!)

Kristy and Dan paul
Kristy and Dan duke it out! When they could not reach a decision, Paul Jurgelonis was called in as a tie breaker, would he go with the better type (doe) or the better markings and condition (buck)?

Winner of the Female "Battle of the Sexes" was Nancy & Emily Mason with a blue doe #EB229

Winner of the Male "Battle of the Sexes" was Charles Sayles with a blue buck #H272

Overall winner: Charles Sayles

Arts and Craft Classes


Best In Show: Alexa Demland (pencil drawing)
1. Zoe Koser
2. Sarah Buckley
3. Lilly Hansbury
Drawing and Painting:
1. Alexa Demland
2. Sarah Buckley
3. Emelia Perez
Any Other Craft:
  No Entries

Arts and Craft Classes


Best in Show: Kaitlyn Smith (Painting)
1. Val Slack
2. Rachel Ehnis
3. Barbara Kerdeman
1. Kaitlyn Smith
2. Andrea Perez
Any Other Craft:  
1. Kelli Slack
2. Val Slack
best in show
Best in show: Alexa Demland (youth)
and Kaitlyn Smith (open)
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