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2013 National Dutch Show - Best Fur

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david moll
Open Judge:David Moll
Karl Ehnis
Youth Judge: Karl Ehnis
open fur writers
Writers for open fur: Harold Giffel & Julie Hume
youth fur writers
Writers for youth fur: ? & Bobbie Grecoe
open fur winner
Phil & Sara Lape won open fur class with a Steel.
youth fur winner
Erica & Brianna Haas won youth fur class with a Black.


61 entries
1. Phil & Sara Lape Steel #CDS132
2. Al & Mac Gerhart Black #A605
3. Gene Knieling Blue #K65B
4. Aaron Martin Blue #M763
5. Kevin Hooper Steel #KS477
6. Kevin Hooper Black #K1119
7. Briony Barnes Blue #BB247
8. Mike O'Connell Black #0143
9. Todd Biddle Tort #RC3H
10. Dan & Theresa Schwandt Black #S2187
11. Marti Dill Black #551
12. Todd Biddle Chocolate #MIA
13. Steve Wilch Chocolate #S234
14. Michelle Giffel Blue #54
15. Michelle Giffel Blue #55


47 entries

1. Erica & Brianna Haas Black #E238
2. Erica & Brianna Haas Blue #SLTRY
3. Erica & Brianna Haas Steel #KIT
4. Erica & Brianna Haas Black #E254
5. Jacalynn Gumz Steel #JZ
6. Alexa Demland Blue #ARD220
7. Alexa Demland Blue #ARD84
8. Sarah Buckley Gray LB761
9. Austin Smith Tort #TD10
10. Makaela Koser Blue #M749
11. Erica & Brianna Haas Tort #L236
12. Katie Kirk Steel #2SK
13. Jacalynn Gumz Tort #T204
14. Alexus Grecoe Black #A5
15. Zoe Koser Choc #KS34

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