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2013 National Dutch Show
Open Winner Pictures

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Thank you Steve Wilch for the pictures!

open overall picture

Overall Open Winners

Kevin Hooper with Best Opposite of Sex, Best Overall Senior, Best Overall Display
Gene Kneiling with Best of Breed, Best Overall Junior
Theresa, Dan, Delaney and Samantha Schwandt with Best Overall Senior
Sara & Phil Lape with Best Overall Fur

open black open blue
Open Black Variety Winners

Al Gerhart with Best Black Fur
Theresa & Dan Schwandt with Best Black Sr Doe, Best Black Sr
Kevin Hooper with Best Black Sr Buck, BOSV, Best Black Display
Gene Kneiling with Best Jr Doe, Best Black Jr, BOV

Missing from picture: Mike Smith with Best Black Jr Buck
Blue Variety Winners

Aaron Martin with Best Blue Sr Buck, Best Blue Sr, BOSV
Scott & Rachel Braden with Best Blue Jr Doe, Best Blue Jr, Best Blue Display
Kevin Hooper with Best Blue Sr Doe
Gene Kneiling with Best Blue Fur

Missing from picture: Charles Sayles with Best Blue Jr Buck
open chocolate awards
open gray awards
Open Chocolate Variety Winners

Vincent Consiglio with Best Chocolate Jr Doe, Best Chocloate Jr, BOSV
Ricky Wood with Best Chocolate Sr Doe
Phil & Sara Lape with Best Chocolate Jr Buck
Kevin Hooper with Best Chocolate Sr Buck, Best Chocolate Sr, BOV, Best Chocolate Display
Todd Biddle with Best Chocolate Fur
Open Gray Variety Winners

Lisa Wittrock with Best Gray Jr Buck, BOSV
Kristy Hume with Best Gray Sr Doe, Best Gray Sr, Best Gray Display
Theresa, Dan, Delany, and Samantha Schwandt with Best Gray Sr Buck

Missing from picture:
Billy Bounds with Best Gray Jr Doe, Best Gray Jr, BOV
Fred & Kathy Mullinax with Best Gray Fur

open steel awards

open tort awards

Open Steel Variety Winners

Phil & Sara Lape with Best Steel Jr Doe, Best Steel Jr, BOV, Best Steel Fur
Carol Vasko with Best Steel Jr Buck, BOSV
John Graybeal with Best Steel Sr Doe, Best Steel Sr
Debbie Marquis with Best Steel Sr Buck
Janet Bowers with Best Steel Display
Open Tortoise Variety Winners

Kevin Hooper with Best Tort Jr Doe, Best Tort Jr Buck, Best Tort Sr Buck, Best Tort Jr, Best Tort Sr, BOV, BOSV, Best Tort Display
Todd Biddle with Best Tort Sr Doe, Best Tort Fur

Judging Best Of Breed

crowd bob crowd bob
Waiting for Best of Breed.
judging bobOpen judges for BOB: Glen Carr, Terry Fender, Erik Bengtson (Senior Judge), Connall Addison, & John Grimm bob board
The judge's final tally.

open bob
Open BOB: Gene Kneiling with a Black Jr Doe #KB92

Open BOS: Kevin Hooper with a Black Sr Buck #K1067

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