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2013 National Dutch Show
Youth Activities

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brenda reau
Youth Contest Chair: Brenda Reau
gift bags
Gift bags for each contestant
royalty board Emelia Perez
Then came the judging contest.
written test
the written test
written test
A judging class
Each contestant participated in an oral interview.
And a showmanship test.
Results from Junior Showmanship - 12 and under
  1. Katie Kirk
2. Lilly Hansbury
3. Zoe Koser

Results from Senior Showmanship - 13 and over
  1. Samantha Hahn
2. Jacalynn Gumz
2. Erica Haas
3. Bethany Brown
3. Molly Paul

Results from Junior Judging Contest - 12 and under
  1. Emelia Perez
2. Lilly Hansbury
2. Katie Kirk
3. Brianna Haas

Results from Senior Judging Contest - 13 and over
  1. Sarah Buckley
1. Quinn Evans
2. Jacalynn Gumz
3. Anna Paul

Results from Royalty Divison - Lord & Lady
  Lady: Emelia Perez

Results from Royalty Division - Prince & Princess
  Prince: Drake Kirk
Princess: Lilly Hansbury
First runner-up: Zoe Peyton

Results from Royalty Division - Duke & Duchess
  Duke: Peyton Evans
Duchess: Eric Haas
First runner-up: Katie Kirk
Second runner-up: Alexus Grecoe
Third runner-up: Sarah Buckley
Fourth runner-up: Brianna Haas

Results from Royalty Division - King & Queen
  King: Quinn Evans
Queen: Bethany Brown
First runner-up: Jacalynn Gumz
Second runner-up: Anna Paul
Third runner-up: Molly Paul

youth contestants
Youth Activities Participants

Royalty Court

King - Quinn Evans
Queen - Bethany Brown
Duke - Peyton Evans
Duchess - Erica Haas
Prince - Drake Kirk
Princess - Lilly Hansbury
Lady - Emelia Perez

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