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Smile, you're on Candid Camera!

I never saw three people get so much amusement from looking at an arm.
Have you ever noticed the expressions women get when Rick is around?
Nap time!
Rick won some pants in the raffle!
Hey, I want to be in the picture with cute women!
Gives a whole new meaning to kissing up to the judge.
Remember what I said about the expressions when Rick is around?


2014 Youth NDS
●Delainey's "Jello" DD31 ~ 1st Place Gray Senior Buck, Best of Variety Gray, Best Gray Senior & Best Overall Senior
●Delainey's "Daisy" DD33 Gray Jr Doe ~ 1st Place Gray Jr Doe

Human Interest Story
This story actually starts at the 2007 National Dutch Show in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kristy Hume scolded Dan Schwandt about throwing pop cans in the trash, because there is a 10 cent deposit on them in Michigan. At first Dan did not believe her, but when he realized it was true, the concept really intrigued him. He threatened that next time a Nationals was held in Michigan, he would bring bags of Wisconsin pop cans to cash in. Fast forward to the 2013 National Dutch Show that was in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In the January 2013 issue of the Dutch Reporter Dan had this to say in his director's article "For those of you that are looking to add a rabbit to your herd, I hear Kristy Hume will be accepting cans and bottles at ten cents a piece in trade on her rabbits". Dan: "Ha, Ha!"
So during the 2013 National Dutch Show, Delainey approached Kristy toting sacks of pop cans and asked to trade for a rabbit (we all know who put her up to this). Kristy told Delainey that she did have a rabbit she would trade for the pop cans and took her over to the sale cages where there was a young gray Dutch doe with a tied elbow and a great body. The two struck a deal and Delainey took her new rabbit to show her Dad. Kristy: "Ha, Ha!"
Well, Theresa decided that it was a great idea to start Delainey's own line of rabbits and when the doe was old enough, the two of them chose a buck to introduce her to. And then another, and then another. The three rabbits that Delainey brought to the 2014 National Dutch Show are out of her mismarked doe she traded pop cans for and three different bucks. One of them won BOV & Best Overall Senior and one of the does won Best Junior Gray Doe. Delainey: "Ha, Ha!"

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