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2014 National Dutch Show - Best Fur

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45 shown
  Variety Ear Owner Award
1 BLACK K1145 Kevin Hooper Best Black Fur
2 CHOCOLATE KC674 Kevin Hooper Best Chocolate Fur
3 BLACK D9SR Kristy Hume  
4 BLUE BB329 Briony Barnes Best Blue Fur
5 BLACK O225 Mike O'Connell  
6 GRAY B5SR Kristy Hume Best Gray Fur
7 CHOCOLATE SG331 Debbie Athey  
8 BLACK K1174 Kevin Hooper  
9 BLACK TNLU Matt & Tonya Rogers  
10 CHOCOLATE SG340 Debbie Athey  
11 BLUE 3B4 Ricky Wood  
12 TORTOISE DG44 Dakotah Gould Best Tortoise Fur
13 CHOCOLATE SG39 Debbie Athey  
14 TORTOISE S3243 Dan & Theresa Schwandt  
15 CHOCOLATE 3C1 Ricky Wood  
16 GRAY AG50 Alan Gerhart  
17 BLACK BB338 Briony Barnes  
18 CHOCOLATE RCCM Todd Biddle  
19 CHOCOLATE C23 Debbie Athey  
20 TORTOISE DAYBRAKE Brian & Debra Mills  
21 TORTOISE LBRC6 Todd Biddle  
22 CHOCOLATE SG342 Debbie Athey  
23 CHOCOLATE DIVINE Samantha Henderson  
24 TORTOISE PW89 Sherry Hines  
25 STEEL AS95 Alan Gerhart Best Steel Fur
fur judge
Mike Adams judged open and youth fur classes
best open fur
Kevin Hooper won Best Overall Fur with a black.


49 shown
Place Variety Ear Owner Award
1 BLACK TC2 Terra DeSautell Best Black Fur
2 BLACK SALUTE Taylor Mills  
3 STEEL AS18 Alexus Grecoe Best Steel Fur
4 TORTOISE BIGS Erica & Brianna Haas Best Tortoise Fur
5 BLACK NIRVANA Taylor Mills  
6 BLUE RMB8 Anna & Molly Paul Best Blue Fur
7 BLACK CHLOE Terra DeSautell  
8 BLUE AB25 Alexus Grecoe  
9 GRAY AG49 Anna & Molly Paul Best Gray Fur
10 BLACK MESA Taylor Mills  
11 BLUE KS82 Makaela & Zoe Koser  
12 BLACK TRIS Erica & Brianna Haas  
13 BLUE ASHLEY Terra DeSautell  
14 GRAY AG30 Alexus Grecoe  
15 TORTOISE HF152 Ben & Hunter Hibbert  
16 STEEL HS1 Anna & Molly Paul  
17 BLUE RMB9 Anna & Molly Paul  
18 TORTOISE TJ Austin Smith   
19 GRAY RMG2 Anna & Molly Paul  
Best youth fur
Terra DeSautell won Best Youth Fur with a black

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