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2014 National Dutch Show
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Judging winners

Judging Contest Winners

8 & Under Judging
1. Besinaiz, Cassidy TX
2. Hockerman, Keegan WI
Jr. Judging
1. Westercamp, Josiah IA
2. Bruse, Hannah MO
3. McElfresh, Danielle KS
4. Westercamp, Nehemiah IA
5. Dather, Calvin NE
  Wilson, Dason SD
Int Judging
1. Sierzputowski, Trevor IN
2. Grecoe, Alexus PA
3. Westercamp, Joy IA
4. Dather, Mariah NE
5. Haas, Brianna (Breezy) IL
6. Henry, Dakota IA
7. Bruse, Sierra MO
8. Alkire, Jullian MO
  Wilson, Tadan SD
Sr. Judging
1. Paul, Anna OH
2. Westercamp, Grace IA
3. Maddock, Julia IL
4. Haas, Erica IL
5. Paul, Molly OH
6. Lake, Monty TX



Showmanship Winners 

8 & Under Showmanship
1. Besinaiz, Cassidy TX
2. Hockerman, Keegan WI
Int Showmanship
1. Westercamp, Joy IA
2. Sierzputowski, Trevor IN
3. Grecoe, Alexus PA
4. Dather, Mariah NE
5. Bruse, Sierra MO
6. Wilson, Tadan SD
7. Haas, Brianna (Breezy) IL
8. Henry, Dakota IA
Jr. Showmanship
1. Westercamp, Nehemiah IA
2. Westercamp, Josiah IA
3. McElfresh, Danielle KS
4. Dather, Calvin NE
5. Bruse, Hannah MO
6. Wilson, Dason SD
Sr Showmanship
1.71. Westercamp, Grace IA
2. Maddock, Julia IL
3. Haas, Erica IL
4. Paul, Anna OH
5. Paul, Molly OH
6. Lake, Monty TX

Youth royalty winners

Royalty Winners

  Westercamp, Grace IA
  Paul, Anna OH
  Lake, Monty TX
  Westercamp, Joy IA
  Grecoe, Alexus PA
  Sierzputowski, Trevor IN
  Henry, Dakota IA
  Bruse, Hannah MO
  McElfresh, Danielle KS
  Westercamp, Nehemiah IA
  Westercamp, Josiah IA
  Besinaiz, Cassidy TX
  Hockerman, Keegan WI

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