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2015 National Dutch Show
Friday Night Activities & Fun Classes

Open Results Youth Results Friday Night Activities & Fun Classes Youth Contests AOV Class
Open Winner Pictures Youth Winner Pictures Fur Class Results Sellers Class Pictures

John Graybeal and Janet Bowers running the ADRC membership meeting.

Ringside seats at the meeting.

Bobbie Grecoe & Kim Haas writing for youth fur judging.

open writers
Warren Wiltman & Sue Hill writing for open fur judging.

youth judge
Bruce Ormsby judging youth fur class.

open fur
Mark Stewartson judging open fur class.

youth fur winner
Youth fur winner
Black Sr Doe by Kailey, Keegan & Kayden Hockerman

Open fur winner
Open fur winner
Kevin Hooper with a Steel

John Graybeal judging AOV class.


Sydney Hooper won AOV BOB.

Sydney Hooper won AOV BOS.

One of the classes Friday night was a Breeder's Choice Class. Each exhibitor choose what they thought was their best rabbit.
One class was 35 and younger, the other class was over 35.

Eric Mixdorf judging Breeder's Choice Class 35 & under.

35 and under Class:
1st place: Kristy Grinold
2nd place: Alexus Grecoe
3rd place: Lilly Hutchison

Over 35 Class:
1st place: Julie Brown
2nd place: Jean Smith
3rd place: Shelly Sierzputowski


35 & under winner
Winner of the 35 & under class: Kristy Grinold with "Rusty".

35 & under 2nd
2nd place in the 35 & under class: Alexus Grecoe.

sock contest
There was also a Crazy Sock Contest.

sock winners
3rd Amelia Perez, 2nd Vinnie Consiglio, 1st Briony Barnes with excellent stops.

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