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2015 National Dutch Show - Best Fur

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Bruce Ormsby judged youth fur.

Mark Stewardson judged open fur.

Youth fur winner
Youth fur winner

open fur winner
Open fur winner

Open Fur Class

74 in the class
1 Kevin Hooper KS500 1st Steel
2 Gene Knieling K109B 1st Blue
3 Kristy Grinold M1SR 1st Gray
4 Al Gerhhart ASB4
5 Briony Barnes/Gene Knieling BB445 1st Tort
6 Kevin Hooper KB627
7 Gene Knieling K106B
8 Lonnie & Michelle Harper GOLDIE
9 Nancy Mason ET269
10 Matt & Tonya Rogers TN1210
11 John Graybeal G4DA2 1st Black
28 Bryan & Oneda Lambert KIM 1st Chin

Youth Fur Class

83 in the class
1 Kailey, Keegan & Kayden Hocker H336 1st Black
2 Alexus Grecoe AG30 1st Gray
3 Katie Kirk EP1  
4 Lily Hutchison HD21 1st Steel
5 Trevor Sierzputowski TS100 1st Choc
6 Julia Maddock JPSPA  
7 Alexus Grecoe AS10  
8 Ben & Hunter Hibbert HF224 1st Tort
9 Lily Hutchison HD22  
10 Terra DeSauteel TOP2  
13 Anna & Molly Paul RMB30 1st Blue

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