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2015 National Dutch Show
Youth Activities

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getting ready
Katie Kirk, Alexus Grecoe, & Angelina DeLiscia getting ready for the royalty competition.

boardRoyalty contestants.

youth check inDelainey & Samantha Schwandt at the Royalty Check In Table.

Youth royalty contestants waiting for the competition to start.


Mike Adams was one of the showmanship judges.



Eli Okuley at royalty judging.

Katie Kirk at royalty judging.

Chris Hayhow judging Taylor Chattin at youth showmanship.


Beginner Judging:  
1. Delainey Schwandt
2. Gage Thompson
3. Samantha Schwandt
Junior Judging:  
1. Nehemiah Westercamp
2. Hannah Bruse
3. Emelia Perez
Intermediate Judging:  
1. Katie Kirk
2. Josiah Westercamp
3. Sam Krolikowski
Senior Judging:  
1. Joy Westercamp
2. Anna Paul
3. Grace Westercamp
Beginner Showmanship:  
1. Keegan Hockerman
2. Gage Thompson
3. Delainey Schwandt
Junior Showmanship:  
1. Alexander Uciechowski
2. Emelia Perez
3. Hannah Bruse
Intermediate Showmanship:  
1. Katie Kirk
2. Taylor Chattin
3. Clara Meyers
Senior Showmanship:  
1. Grace Westercamp
2. Trevor Sierzputowski
3. Julia Maddock

lord & lady

lord & lady
Lord Gage Thompson & Lady Delainey Schwandt.

Lord Contestants:  
1. Gage Thompson
2. Keegan Hockerman
3. Zachary Hebel
Lady Consestants:  
1. Delainey Schwandt
2. Samantha Schwandt

prince & priness

prince & princess
Prince Nehemiah Westercamp & Princess Emelia Perez.

Prince Contestants:  
1. Nehemiah Westercamp
2. Alexander Uciechowski
Princess Cntestants:  
1. Emelia Perez
2. Hannah Bruse

duke & duchess

Duke & Duchess
Duke Josiah Westercamp & Duchess Katie Kirk.

Duke Contestants:  
1. Josiah Westercamp
2. Sam Krolikowski
Duchess Contestants:  
1. Katie Kirk
2. Angelina DiLiscia
3. Lily Hansbury

king & queen

King & queen
King Trevor Sierzputowski & Queen Grace Westercamp.

King Contestants:  
1. Trevor Sierzputowski
Queen Contestants:  
1. Grace Westercamp
2. Julie Maddock
3. Alexus Grecoe



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