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Open barn

The ADRC booth

The ARBA awards

Allen Barr had surfboard magnets made that were for awards and also sold to the public to help cover the cost of awards.

Allen also donated a trio of gray Dutch, a triple stack carrier, and bowls as a raffle item for ADRC.

Awards were collector vintage woodys and the class award of the surboard magnet could be attached to the top.

Thank you Allen Barr for all the work on the raffle table,
the awards, arranging the banquet and all the work during the show.

Writters for youth, Chris Matthys and Lisa Schmidt Daughtery

Linda Gumz spent the day writing comments for Paul Jurgelonis

Writters for both open judges, Drn Scott Willaimson, Linda Gumz, Val Slack and Melody Stremkowski.

Sellers class.

The Janet White family donated a case of wine to give to the top bidders at the sellers class.

Auctioneer Dan Schwandt and helper Kristy Grinold.

The banquest was at the Fish Market.



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