2016 National Dutch Show
Best and Best Opposite of Varieties
Open & Youth

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There was no one available to collect the open rabbits so Steve Wilch could take pictures of the BOV and BOSV rabbits.
The pictures below were sent from Theresa Schwandt for the website.

open bov blue

open bosv blue

BOV - Blue Sr Doe #S5281
Dan & Theresa Schwandt

BOSV - Blue Jr Buck #S5278
Dan & Theresa Schwandt

open chin bov

open tort bosv

BOV - Chinchilla Jr Buck #S5256
Dan & Theresa Shcwandt

BOSV - Tortoise Jr Buck #S5249
Dan & Theresa Schwandt

open bob


BOV & BOB - Gray Sr Buck #53129
Dan & Theresa Schwandt


Thank you Jeff Brown for collecting the youth rabbits so Steve Wilch could take these pictures.

youth bov black youth bosv black

BOV - Black Sr Doe #TS99
Trevor Sierzputowki

BOSV - Black Sr Buck
Erica & Brianna Haas #MARK

youth blue bov

youth blue bosv

BOV - Blue Sr Doe #SB68
Katie Kirk

BOSV - Blue Jr Buck #RK6
Maggie Kincade

youth bov chin

youth bosv chin

BOV - Chinchilla Sr Doe #53LI3
Emelia & Landon Perez

BOSV - Chinchilla Jr Buck #6EL10
Emelia & Landon Perez

youth bov choc

youth bosv choc

BOV - Chocolate Jr Doe #BABE
Erica & Briana Haas

BOSV- Chocolate Sr Buck #CSBUZZ
Colton Mahlman

youth bov gray

youth bosv gran

BOV - Gray Sr Doe #G1T
Angelina DiLiscia

BOSV - Gray Jr Buck #DD513
Delainey & Samantha Schwandt

youth bov steel

youth bosv steel

BOV - Steel Jr Doe #H500
Kailey, Keegan, Kayden Hockerman

BOSV - Steel Sr Buck #SRK
Eli Okuley

youth bov tort

youth bosv tort

BOV - Tortoise Sr Buck #MJK
Hichael Himlin

BOSV - Tortoise Jr Doe #T1
Tiallie Fowler

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