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Al Gerhart wheeling and dealing.

Andrea Perez, Dave & Julie Hume, Kristy Grinold.

Cliff DeSautel & Mike Sutton

Lisa Kirk & Tammy DiLiscia

Brianna Haas & Jeff Brown

Julie & Bethany Brown

Val Slack &Susie Feller

Valerie Worzella, Melody Stremkowski & Dick Evenburg

Wes Nelson & Troy Ihrke

Sharon Mixdorf & Mike Sutton

Austin Smith, Nick DiLiscia, MacKenzie Kratzsch, Angelina DiLiscia

Kandy Reif & Debbie Marquis

Molly Paul, Rick Lehman & Anna Paul

Andy Hawthorne, Gene Knieling, Briony Smith, Lisa Wittrock, Wes Nelson (seated)

??? and Bob Bergene

Nathan Graybeal, Nick DiLiscia, John Graybeal

Todd Biddle, Debbie Athey, Billy Bounds

Rebecca & Cale Kunick

Margo Wayne, Rick Lehman, Tiffany Wayne

Dave Hume, Gene Knieling, Julie Hume

Shannon & Sam Krolikowski

Matt & Tonya Rogers

Austin Smith & MacKenzie Kratzsch

Mike Smith

Mrs Martin, Aaron Martin, Sharon Mixdorf

Laron Algren & Beth Biester

Dakotah Gould, Gene Knieling, Oliva Wismer

Debbie Marquis & ?

Dan Schwandt & Oneda Lambert

Cynthia & Julia Maddock

? & Philip Hibbert

Gene Knieling, Bethany Brown, Debbie Athey

Bob Vasko & Mike Smith

Mike O'Connell & Bob Bergene

Gina Middleton & Sheila Wiltshire

Dick Evenburg & Kelli Slack

Briony Smith, ???, and Linda Gumz

Sue Hill & Allan Gerhart

Bobbie Grecoe & Andrea Perez

Charlene, Noah & Ivy Hecht

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