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A.C. "Gillie" Gilbert

Mr. Gilbert was another truly dedicated and unique Dutch breeder, judge, writer, top showman, and definitely promoter of all fancy breeds of rabbits, and the Dutch in particular, for a great many years. His time starting to show Dutch goes back when he was active in helping form the two Dutch clubs prior to our presend day American Dutch Rabbit Club. These two clubs, the National Federation of Dutch Breeders, and the International Dutch Club were both active in 1919 and in the 1920's. When our present day ADRC reorganized in 1930, Mr. Gilber was very active and an officer in our club during these years as well. As a Director Mr. Gilbert was very generous, donating traveling trophies that required three to five wins for permanent possession, to the Dutch Club on these different areas. He wrote many articles on Dutch breeding, his specialy color always being Tortoise and being a fancy rabbit specialty judge. He loved to hold judging seminars at ARCBA ( American Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association) convention shows on posing, handling, and evaluationg Dutch going way back from previous shows he had judged. He judged shows at Madison Square Gardens and spoke on Dutch he had viewed and handled and judged from 1912, 1913, 1914 and forward. He referenced many of the Dutch he personally judged after their importation into the USA from England. he judged these at our Rabbit Convention Shows in 1936 on through the 1940's all over the USA.

Being a teetotaler and non-smoker and a lifelong bachelor, this gentleman once mentioned to Tom Shufflebotham that his life was structured so that his Dutch could always be his first concern.
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