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Ancel Beaver

Mr Beaver was a Director, President, and the Vice-President of the ADRC during his years in the ADRC. He was know first and foremost for his dominance on the show table with his Black Dutch in particular. This was during a period of approximately ten years or so.

He showed his Dutch during the years when he could ship his Dutch by railroad with relative ease and his animals were genersally well cared for, and at a modest expense. This kind of experience with the railroad needs to be mentioned for two reasons: one being how showing all over the country was made possible as I just mentioned. The second being, it was with relative ease that rabbits could be sold through advertising in rabbit publications and then shipped by railroad to their destinations.

Mr. Beaver was known as being very good to deal with and a very honest man. With all the above now mentioned, he most likely had the most impact of any one Dutch breeder and fancier with his distribution of Black Dutch and also a few of the other colors to that date. During his relatively short show career, which was cut short by his passing, a lot of breeders wanted to own a Beaver buck for their herd. While speaking with one of our Hall of Greatness inductees just a few months ago, former ADRC President Bill Summers, he mentioned to me that when he got out of the service and returned home, one of his goals was to acquire a trio of Blacks from Ancel Beaver. When he got around to receiving them from Ancel, he called to let him know how pleased he was with them. He then found out through his wife that, in fact, Mr. Beaver had just passed away. This was in the lates 1940's to early 1950's, I understand.
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