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Jack Boughton

Jack Boughton of Chesterland, Ohio, started breeding rabbits in 1934. He worked hard and long building a strain of New Zealand Whites that did well for a long time. In the 1950's Jack switched gears, going from the Whites to Dutch in a pretty big way. With the help of his good rabbit fancier friends, all very good Dutch breeders, EC Buckley, Al Meier, And EP Shillidan. He started into breeding Black, Blue and Chocolate Dutch only. That only lasted but a short time as Jack decided to drop the Blues and Chocolates and go to breeding Black Dutch only. This master breeder within a matter of a few short years started to totally dominate the world of Black Dutch, so to speak. He showed and won BOB at several ARBA Conventions in succession for a period of four or five years and Dutch shows also. He won most all of the Black classes, sometimes going two or three deep. He won local shows wherever he showed, which ended up being 24 to 25 states through his show career. Jack also wrote articles on breeding Black Dutch from time to time and was the Vice-President of the ADRC for a period of time. After developing some serious health issues, Jack retired from the fancy and passed away several years ago. He was a master breeder indeed!
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