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Mrs. Madeleine Tuttle-Grables

Mrs. Madeleine Grables took over as the ADRC Secretary-Treasurer during 1953 after the departure of Mrs. Lyle Neubauer. The new Secretary-Treasurer seemed to fall into place with a very busy ADRC. The National Dutch Show of 1954 in Detroit, MI had a Junior Divison for the first time ever and the Show had a free entry fee since it was a new and exciting time for the Dutch Club. Our Dutch Club membership was at 600 members and growing. Mrs. Grables stepped in with the new Youth Division and made sure all went well. The idea of the Youth went well with the ADRC Directors and Mrs. Grables did a fine job. In the coming years while she served the Dutch Club, the Youth shows were held in conjenction with the ADRC at National Dutch Shows during the 1950's in the midwest. Mrs. Grables proven dedication to carry on with the Youth Division and interest that Mrs. Neubauer had originated are still seen today with our wonderful Dutch Youth programs and shows throughout the coutnry.

I (Stan Goeglein) was fortunately able to be at the 1954 ADRC National Show in Detroit and did indeed show there in the Youth Divison.
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