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Suggested Working Standard For The Gold Dutch

Gold—The surface color of the body is to be a bright orange on the head, the back, to and including the top of the tail.  The color will fade to a lighter orange of the sides.  Color is to extend well down the hair shaft to an off-white undercolor.  The surface color of the belly and inside of the hind legs, is to be cream with a white undercolor.  Orange lap spots are permitted.  The underside of the tail and around the vent is to be white to the skin.  The eye circles are to be creamy white.  Creamy white ear lacing is permissible.

Faults—Smutty color showing black or chocolate ticking or ear lacing.

Gold Gold
These are out of Jill Pfaff's lines.... from Ramsey's Rabbit Tree

Comparison of Gold & Tortoise
Pictures provided by Jill Pfaff
Belly & Face Comparison
Gold & Tort Rear comparison

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