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Red Dutch

Suggested Working Standard for Red Dutch

The surface color of the body is to be a bright red on the head, the back, and the top of the tail.  Color is to extend well down the hair shaft to the skin with cream under color.  The surface color of the belly may be orange to cream along with the under side of the tail and eye circles.  Lap spots (between belly and crotch) are to be a deep orange-red.  The richness of the surface color is enhanced by good depth of color.
Eyes:  Brown.
Faults:  Light or dark ticking, when sufficient to produce a frosty or smudgy effect; large white eye circles.
( Breeds of rabbits used in developing the Red Dutch were Thriantas and Dutch)

Red Dutch
Comparison of Thrianta & Red Dutch
picture courtesy of Jill Pfaff

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